Indian Court Bribery Cases Legal Process – Someshwar Srivastav 

Bribery case process india -someshwar srivastava

Indian Court Bribery Cases Legal Process – Someshwar Srivastav 

India has a legal record for having many cases including bribery, corruption, murder etc. There are many cases which get stuck or are pending due to legal complications.  

The media which follows these cases find something interesting to gloat about. That gloating also gives them the freedom to overhype the situation to an extent that is not true at all.  

Coming back to the topic how bribery cases are followed legally. What is shown on-screen is completely opposite to how the cases start. . 

The judiciary is corrupt at all levels, and litigants have come to accept this fact. The corruption in our legal system has been a part of our society for a very long time, but it is spreading at an alarming rate. Some major reasons for this are: 

  • Poor implementation of laws related to corruption 
  • There is no redressal mechanism for the public except paying bribes; and 
  • There is no fear of accountability for judges’ biased or partial decisions. 

Moreover, it is not only the guilty who are responsible for increasing corruption. Innocent people often pay bribes to get favorable decisions from corrupt officials. The delays in justice help criminals manipulate witnesses and destroy evidence by bribing them. 

The involvement of middlemen & misuse of power by judges & attorneys is also a cause of concern as it leaves no room for fair judgement. 

These types of cases also show how bribery cases & other cases are being followed in India & make us question the rights & wrongs. 

The main accused face lots of difficulties in finding justice & in the end usually the accused are released & the culprits face the axe.  

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