CBI Controversy: Unveiling the Truth behind the Fabricated News 

Central Bureau of Investigation

CBI Controversy: Unveiling the Truth behind the Fabricated News 

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is the most elite investigation organization in India. CBI solved many high-profile cases and took down many big names in politics, media, and business industries. This may be a crucial reason why the agency is questioned through and through on its integrity and ethics. 

However, the agency never let these made-up conspiracies affect its investigation. CBI is not only handling domestic cases, but the agency also solves cases overseas, working with agencies like IB, RAW, and Interpol. 

Also, it makes the agency a direct foe to all the criminalized organizations and Industries. Big media houses and online forums try their best to destroy the credibility of the agency, using made-up news and controversies. Further, they repost and regulate these controversies through social media like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and online websites. 

We are not saying that the agency is full of saints. There’s always a shady side to every organization that we can’t just deny. We agree there are instances where the agency’s name gets involved in sensitive matters. However, to keep their agency clean, CBI investigates and takes action against their officers. 

What’s most upsetting is how easily people believe in WhatsApp news than actually verifying it. We can’t play the blame game here, as that’s how social and digital media has impacted our brain cells. It’s easy to create fake news and regulate it, but as active citizens, it should be our duty to at least get to the root of the news before following a blind path. 

At last, CBI has done a lot for our country, from solving crimes to exposing frauds, and all we love to consume is a fake CBI Controversy news. We should realize by now these controversies are nothing but spiced-up fictional media agendas to defame the agency and gain popularity, pushing us into the abyss of brainless puppets and endless deception. 

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